Here is some conversation on the t-shirt subject:

Bottom line:
If you can find out how many t-shirts they plan to make; charge maybe a 2-10% of the retail price. Maybe slide that scale to the lower end if it a large number of shirts, or to the higher end if it is a larger number of shirts.  Or charge a flat fee for one-time use of the art $200-$500, if the quantity of shirts is a reasonable number, and limited to a single run. Maybe $2/shirt(sort of fits the 10% fee without the hassle of royalty management).

Get it in writing, and retain all rights



I am looking for input  about a design charge for designing a tee
shirt..  I am pulling together a license/agreement for a teeshirt design
I have been approached to do for a Fishing derby.

I tried to find out what the non profit was charged by the printers for
a design fee, but its not available knowledge on their website....

Don't want to scare them...   but would like applicable
compensation...   and will include some ID requirements for publicity in
the deal..




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