Hi Folks,

I just wanted to mention that I joined the ASCRL as per Taina’s recommendation last year and have (happily) received royalty payments from two tranches thus far.   But I wanted to bring up a issue that may not have dawned on everyone in the GNSI regarding securing royalties.  Here goes: I recently received an email invitation describing  efforts at securing royalties through an organization called the Artist’s Rights Society (ARS).  I believe their efforts run parallel to those of the ASCRL.  I also seem to remember reading that an individual illustrator seeking royalty compensation ought to join only one organization as part of that effort.  Hence, joining both organizations is essentially “double dipping”.  In order to check out my shaky recollection, I called the ARS today and they confirmed my recollection: joining both organizations ain’t kosher.   I wasn’t sure how I got on the ARS mailing list, but I thought they should be aware of the possible redundancy in their database.  The fact that other artist’s might be in the same situation and ought to avoid joining both organizations simultaneously, seems to be an ethical matter.    I believe the ARS will look into the issue as well.

Separately, I thought I’d let the GNSI List Serv. know what I found out.

Best wishes,
Mike Rothman


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