I’m forwarding this to you because there are potential ramifications in the future for eukaryotes. Hopefully not but it’s worth paying attention.


Lynn Kimsey

Bohart Museum



Dear Colleagues,


A major nomenclature change is being proposed that could impact all biological collections, see attached “Code Rules Change” document. Although the current proposal directly affects nomenclature of prokaryotes, the trends set in the prokaryote realm often are picked up in the eukaryote world, so fungi, plants and animals could be affected in the future.


The proposal is to allow description of prokaryote species without deposit of a type strain in a public collection, using the genome sequence as type material instead. This was originally proposed by W. Whitman in 2016, see attached publication. Links to some published responses for and against are in the Code Rules Change document. After the January-March 2020 comment period is completed, the ICSP board consisting of one representative from each IUMS society will vote on the proposed change.


I am gathering information to write a response that represents the views of the US Culture Collection Network, to submit by the March 1, 2020 deadline. First we need to educate ourselves about what the issue is, and how it will impact US culture collections and their users. Then, we will gather feedback from the call participants, and draft a response to submit to the ICSP board.


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