In my experience, the cheap forceps are mostly as good as the expensive ones in everyday use.  Where you see the difference is when you drop them on a hard floor.  The tips of the cheaper ones will not just bend more easily but often break off.  That said I've been using the same pair of $6 forceps for over 10 years.


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Subject: Pretty Good Forceps

Good forceps are easy to find. Good, affordable forceps are harder to find.

A graduate student (Jenna Crowder) alerted me to the world of “tweezers” on
Amazon. There are a lot of variations available, here is one example:

Attached is a photo comparing those “tweezers” with other forceps we have
in use here at CUAC. I photographed the tip from two angles so you can see
the inner side that will grasp the specimen and rotated 90 degrees showing
the shank side (the side your fingers grasp).

Forceps photographed are:

FST, Fine Science Tools Dumont #5 Forceps, $32 each

“eBay Forceps”, $6.36

“Dissection 1” are forceps in a Flinn Scientific dissection kit for
students, we have these for undergrads during entomology labs.

“Dissection 2” are forceps in an unbranded black-wrapped dissection kit for
students, we have these for undergrads during entomology labs.

[When dealing with small specimens, forceps that are not smooth on the
inner grasping surface are very difficult to use.]

“Tweezer set” are the new one’s I’m alerting you to.
These are sold in sets of nine different “styles”. Of the nine, five are
straight fine-tipped forceps, and two are curved fine-tipped forceps. The
tips are all sharpened to the same size and shape, the only difference is
the shape of the shank and whether the tip is bent or straight. There are
two flat tipped forceps that aren’t of any special use that I can see. So
for ~$11 you are getting 5-7 forceps that are pretty darn good for working
with specimens. Great for students.