I agree as well. 

Malcolm Rutherford

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I agree.


Maybe go ahead and draft a letter (I’d be happy to do editing if you’d like) and then circulate.


I’d keep it short and simple – something along the lines of the need to assist households with mounting debt while they are being encouraged not to go to work.  


For sure I’d be willing to sign onto something like this.





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Subject: Emergency Government Household Income


Can we get an open letter started calling on the government to get money to families directly?  There is a proposal for 850 billion in emergency funds.  That's enough to give every man woman and child $2500.  Can someone more influential than I am start an open letter calling for the government to send households money directly.  So a household of 4 would get $10k.  A household of 2 would get $5k.  


This would be incredibly popular and it would actually help the people.

I know there are people on this list who could organize something like this.  Retail workers are terrified, as are so many Americans.  Perhaps this is something we could do to help.




Timothy A Wunder

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