Dear Gentle Colleagues:
The call for immediate cash distribution and the subsequent discussion of such a radical institutionalist policy have been great. Emerging from the discussion is the insight that the global economy needs to take two radical steps, one immediately and the second within the next two or three months. The first step is to provide immediate relief in the form of direct cash payment to individuals and their households who have lost income due to the current natural interruption of the social provisioning process. Such natural interruptions (volcanoes, earthquakes, diseases, and such) have been devastating us in our indefensible irrationality and should be expected to continue doing so for as long as we trust our individual and social fates to our current competitive order ("capitalism"). So the second step is to begin transforming that competitive order into a more cooperative and egalitarian one that warrants our trust, one that can, in fact, protect us from natural catastrophe as we act cooperative to protect ourselves. I do not know what all that long-needed evolutionary journey will involve, but I do think that a very propitious beginning of our journey would be the provision of a guaranteed job through an egalitarian guaranteed job program, one provided by a democratic national government that serves as an employer of last resort and whose actions and aims are profoundly peace-loving. That step could begin a long journey, one that moves us toward abundance and equality.  First step: INDIVIDUAL RELIEF. Second step: DEEP REFORM. 
William M. Dugger

Professor Emeritus of Economics 

    On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 09:18:30 AM CDT, Wunder, Tim <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  
  Can we get an open letter started calling on the government to get money to families directly?  There is a proposal for 850 billion in emergency funds.  That's enough to give every man woman and child $2500.  Can someone more influential than I am start an open letter calling for the government to send households money directly.  So a household of 4 would get $10k.  A household of 2 would get $5k.  
This would be incredibly popular and it would actually help the people.
I know there are people on this list who could organize something like this.  Retail workers are terrified, as are so many Americans.  Perhaps this is something we could do to help.

Timothy A Wunder

Clinical Associate Professor of Economics

Department of Economics