The program committee of the Taiwan Musicology Society and Taiwan
Musicology Forum invites abstract submissions for their fifth joint
meeting. The event promotes academic presentations and scholarly exchanges
in and beyond the discipline of musicology (broadly defined). Seeking to
enhance the research on local and regional musical traditions and their
social and cultural impact, the committee encourages diverse disciplinary
and methodological approaches to the topics. As with the past joint
meetings, this annual meeting is not themed.

Deadline: April 30, 2020 (Thursday)
Acceptance Announced: June 1, 2020 (Monday)
Conference Dates: November 21-22, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday)
Conference Venue: National Taiwan Normal University
Host: Taiwan Musicology Society and National Taiwan Normal University
Eligibility: Graduate students and scholars who conduct research related to
music (broadly defined)

Forms of Presentations:
1. Individual paper: outcome of scholarly research in music.
2. Panel discussion: a panel consisting of 3-4 presenters focused on a
specific theme.

The official languages of the conference are English and Mandarin Chinese.
Abstracts can be written in either English or Chinese.

Method of Submission:
1. For individual papers, please submit an abstract (in either Chinese or
English), including a title. Abstracts in English should be 250-300 words.
Abstracts in Chinese should be 500-700 words. Please submit abstracts here: 
2. For panel discussions, please submit an abstract of the entire panel and
individual abstracts from each of the panelists. Please submit the
abstracts here: 
3. Deadline: Abstracts should be submitted before April 30, 2020
(Thursday), 23:59 (UTC+8).

Review Procedures:
1. The program committee consists of representatives from both the Society
and Forum. The papers will be selected by a double-blind review process
that takes the originality and academic contribution of the abstracts into
2. Acceptances will be announced no later than June 1, 2020. Accepted
abstracts will be posted on the forum’s website ( )
3. A successful abstract should convey the author’s major argument(s),
methodologies, and primary examples, and relate them to current
scholarship. It should also show the project’s significance and its
contribution to the field.
4. For panel discussion, if one or more abstracts in a panel are not
accepted, resulting in fewer than 3 (accepted) papers in the panel, the
accepted paper(s) of the panel will be presented as individual papers.

1. For inquiry about submission, please send your question to
taiwanmusicology -at-
2. A book exhibit area will be provided at the joint meeting, displaying
recent print and audio/audio-visual publications on music-related subjects.
Authors who would like to display their publications, please contact local
organizers (E-mail: giem -at-
3. Presenters are invited to expand their papers into journal articles and
submit them to *Formosan Journal of Music Research*.

Thank you for your participation!


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