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Special session at the annual meeting:
AMS Study Group on Music and Disability
Co-Sponsored with
SMT Scholars for Social Responsibility
SMT Music and Disability Interest Group
SMT Global Interculturalisms and Musical Peripheries

Session Title: “Enfoldings and Divisions:” Musical Modulations and Debility

What role do music and disability play in the histories, geographies, and
politics of imperialism? How does music’s troubled relationship to bodies,
senses, and minds, legitimize the disaster capitalism that perpetuates
disastrous inequalities buttressed by white supremacy, white privilege,
and, more recently, a pernicious liberal rhetoric that neatly sidesteps the
work of dismantling these inequalities through empty forms of
“inclusionism?” Disability theorist Jasbir Puar argues that neoliberalism
presses disability into the service of upholding and reinforcing white
supremacy and privilege, through maintaining liberal racism and nationalist
projects. In her recent book, The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity,
Disability (2017), Puar observes that a focus on disability culture
grounded in rights-based discourses and positive assertions of collective
identity cannot be considered without taking into account the imperialist
and colonialist legacies that perpetuate global, structural, and material
inequalities. Examination of disability cultures and disability pride must
take place in the context of liberal empowerment discourses, confronting
difficult questions about who is able to participate, and who is excluded.
To echo her phrasing, disability culture is “enfolded” into the liberal
project of colonization. As a result, Disability Studies has left mostly
unexamined the ways in which debility, in contrast to disability, targets
bodies for injury and maiming along geopolitical and socioeconomic lines.
The global South, ravaged by the imperialist and settler colonial projects
of the global North, is a world of bodies debilitated by the latter’s
relentless, ruthless, and unfettered pursuit of wealth and power.

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