The Philip Brett Award, sponsored by the LGBTQ Study Group of the American
Musicological Society, is named in honor of Philip Brett (1937–2002), one
of the founding members of the study group. Each year it honors exceptional
musicological work in the field of gay, lesbian, bisexual,
transgender/transsexual studies completed during the previous two calendar
years (next offered in 2020 for work completed in 2018 or 2019), in any
country and in any language. By “work” is meant a published article, book,
edition, annotated translation, a paper read at a conference, teaching
materials (course descriptions and syllabi), and other scholarly work
accepted by the award committee that best exemplifies the highest qualities
of originality, interpretation, theory, and communication in this field of
study. By "completion" is meant the publication in the case of articles,
books, editions, etc.; and delivery at a conference or the like in the case
of a paper.

The award consists of a cash prize and certificate. It is announced at both
the AMS Annual Business Meeting and the annual meeting of the LGBTQ Study
Group. The committee will entertain nominations from any individual,
including eligible scholars who are encouraged to nominate their own work.
Individuals may receive the award on more than one occasion.

Nominations should include the name of the scholar, a description of the
work, and a statement to the effect that the work was completed during the
previous two calendar years. An electronic copy of the nominated work must
also be included. Self-nominations should include material to be considered
and a curriculum vitae. The committee will contact the nominee for
additional material as needed.

Nominations, including a digital copy of all application materials, should
be sent by 1 May 2020 to the LGBTQ Study Group Co-chairs: amslgbtq -at-

Only complete nominations received by the deadline will be considered.

Questions regarding the award, the nomination process, or any other matter
may be directed by email to the Co-chairs at the above address.


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