Greetings Barony!!
I have been preoccupied with getting mundane things settled, but wanted to take a moment to let ALL of you know that I missed you last night. When we last met we talked about where we were going and what the Barony was up to, and now we have word that official activities are on hold until at least April 30. 
Please know that we are here. If anyone needs anything, and you think we can help, please reach out. Even if it's just to say hello. I have limited access when I am at work, but my evenings are wide open. 
Several people in the kingdom have posted live videos on Facebook for teaching classes, there is a group of letter writers in persona, there are posts discussing projects. Each of us has our own comfort level. We can all check in with each other, and help where we can.
Please know you are not alone, we will get thru this, we will come out the other side, and we will have a glorious event, as soon as is prudent. 
Yours in service,
Gyda, and Halftroll
Baroness and Baron of Mag Mor

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