Hi All, and Happy Spring (around the corner for some)

I am doing some research. I have two volumes of the GAG Handbook, and 
those over the years reflect more East Coast prices, so I don't find 
them applicable for other areas.

Would you please write me OFF LIST, and tell me what you think is the 
going rate for publications in a University Press for:
1. an ink illustration for an 8x10" interior page
2. a full color cover, 8x10"
3. NOT Work for Hire.
4. It would be helpful to mention if it's top tier such as Princeton or 
Oxford, or if it's a major uni or a minor uni.
5. I imagine the publication will not be a massive number of books, it's 
regional. Probably no on-line or international publishing.

I've published about 8 books with small publishers and am familiar with 
contracts, etc.  I'm curious what others think should be negotiated for 
this type. The GAG Handbook's recommendations are not realistic, I 
think. Times are changing and this isn't New York City or LA.

I appreciate the time taken.  OFF LIST, please, I know we can't talk 
about it online. I will keep all information confidential.

Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615

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