Is this an image you can sell to other customers at a future date, or will your customer want exclusive use as a way to define their product?  Will they want it for a limited or unlimited number of copies? The price rises for more use and more rights.

Normally you keep the copyright, even if they want unlimited, exclusive use in perpetuity, and then only turn over the right to use the art for the particular product, not other products or more general use in their company.

IF you feel there is little possibility of resale of the art, you might turn over all rights, and for even more money sell the copyright and let them deal with protecting it.

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Hi all, A company hired me to make a design that will be an image that is on, and an integral part of, a product that they will be selling. What sort of licensing agreement should I have for that (this is my first time doing something like this) and do I keep the copyright or do they, and what can they do to protect someone from stealing the image, that I made for them, and using it?

Victoria Fuller

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