Hi Sci-Arters,

This coronavirus is a huge challenge for us all--but one of the few upsides seems to be unexpected resilience of the natural world--we saw this article about the clearing of the Venetian canals:


And I am sure there are many other examples--let's keep an eye out for these moments of uplift!  I am expecting that the air will be clearer because there are fewer cars on the road, and also that the airlines have curtailed flights significantly.  I remember hearing that the one day in our century that had the most sunlight reaching the earth's surface was--wait for it--September 12, 2001, because the airlines were grounded. 

I think the earth heals quickly, if only we can give her a chance--of course, it is a bummer that it has to be in this fashion, but another way to look at it is the quarantines will be an interesting experiment--and the results will be fascinating, once we get through it all.

Stay safe everyone! Find fun art projects to keep you engaged.



Chris Gralapp



Chris Gralapp, MA, CMI, FAMI

Medical/Scientific Illustration





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