In my case, with one grad student needing a scope and specimens, I am doing essentially what Doug stated by keeping record of what is taken (inventory numbers, etc.). Due to the situation we are treating this as an off-campus lab location. Since no types are involved and most of the specimens are borrowed I am letting such specimens go with her on a batch basis, with a caretaking understanding, as no desk jumping cats, dogs, children, or army ants are involved.

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On 3/14/20 11:18 PM, Ivie, Michael wrote:
> What are everyone’s policies for allowing students to take scopes and
> specimens home if we are not allowed to work in the labs or they test
> positive?  Currently our policy is to not allow it, especially when
> working on specimens on loan from other institutions. But, grad
> students are going to be very unhappy if we stick to this.  What are
> others doing about their people?  What will your institution say about
> specimens on loan leaving the institution it is on loan to?
We have four students assigned to work in our collection, and three of
them will be taking microscopes and specimens home with them tomorrow,
before campus essentially goes on lockdown on Monday. They have agreed
to sign what amounts to a statement of liability for any damage to
equipment or specimens they're taking off-campus, and our departmental
vice-chair has approved the plan. The specimens are only those belonging
to UCR, no loans. It's highly unusual, but we're charting new territory,
as are many institutions. We're just hopeful that the lockdown scenario
runs its course by April 3rd, as planned, because this is definitely not
enough work to last them more than a few weeks.


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