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We include species of the following genus groups names: Astaena, Symmela, Raysymmela, Miotemna, Sayloria.

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Given recent tribal classification changes, what genera are you including in your work?
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Subject: South American Sericini
Dear colleagues,
Together with Thaynara Pacheco, a PhD student from Museu Nacional - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, we are preparing a taxonomic revision of the South American Sericini. 
Currently, we finished seeing all type specimens, and are now able to identify any specimen of the tribe from there. We are happy if you send us your unidentified specimens or even identified ones which you would like to have checked/ revised.
Although, South American Sericini are not expected to be such diverse as African or oriental lineages, we expect a couple of new species as well…
Please, in case you plan to send material, contact us before sending the material. Material should be sent to Museum Koenig Bonn, Germany (c/o D. Ahrens; please find addresses below). Thaynara has a sandwich grant and funding from German Science Foundation to work in Bonn and in Rio.
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Dirk Ahrens
Thaynara Pacheco
c/o Prof. Marcela L. Monné
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Dr. Dirk Ahrens
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