Hi all ECN, 

Many of you may remember a fantastic web tool called "Virtual Roach" that was created by Joe McHugh and Gene Wright (Univ. Georgia). It was picked up by Orkin and was available online for a number of years. Well, due to a number of factors, it was taken down.

Since many of us are now trying to figure out how to teach morphology, insect taxonomy, etc., I thought a re-activation of this tool might be incredibly useful!

I am going to try and contact Orkin (no idea who, but I'll figure it out) and see if they might be willing to make this tool available again, at least through June or something.

If any of you would use (or just support this), I'd love to hear from you via a reply! I'm planning on calling corporate in Atlanta, and potentially requesting you all to tweet @ Orkin if there is enough of a groundswell!

Thanks much, and I hope all of you are safe,
Nathan Lord

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