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Lilies, Crown Tournament, and Coronation Postponed
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Mathurin Kerbusso on Apr 29, 2020 02:40 pm*

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Below is the complete text of TRMs posting to the Kingdom Facebook page.
Main highlights are:

   - Lilies is postponed. Event stewards and staff are working on plans for
   a scaled down version in the fall.
   - Crown Tournament is postponed to a future date, when it can be safely
   - Coronation will be postponed, with the intent of giving future heirs
   at least a month before elevation
   - No plans to hold virtual courts


Good evening Calontir!

First, we appreciate everyone who attended our Q&A session this evening.
Your concern for your fellow Calontiri heartens us. For those of you unable
to attend, we know that it was short notice, but hopefully this message
will cover most of the high points for you. Many of you have, until now,
had a lot of unasked questions and uncertainty. We hope that this has
helped alleviate those fears.

Along those lines, while we all labor with the uncertainty of the pandemic
it has been Our task to keep Kingdom morale high, and to do our best to
help you meet those needs from our home. Using that as a metric, last week
we failed you. We apologize to you all for that and we will strive to do
better. Further, if you find yourselves unhappy with the SCA, the Kingdom,
or the management of your local groups under our restrictions we accept
that blame as well. Please direct that ire where it belongs – on us.

Here is a very brief summary of the announcements we made this evening

-In light of the most recent health guidelines and information released by
both Missouri and Iowa on Monday 4/27, We are postponing Lilies. The event
stewards and staff are working hard on plans for a scaled down Lilies in
the fall, and details on that will be released as they are available. While
we will all miss our usual Summer, His Majesty and I are looking forward to
this and greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone working to still give
us that Lilies experience a little further down the road. We cannot thank
them enough for time they have given and the dedication they have shown to
the Kingdom.

-Because of this postponement, Our Crown Tournament is also postponed. Our
current intent is to hold it as soon as it is safely possible, and We will
be investigating options for that. We are working with the Society to
obtain variances for several possibilities. We thank them for their
willingness to work us to see that our Customs and Traditions are preserved.

-As far as other June activities are concerned, We will be maintaining our
previously stated method of making decisions on a month-by-month basis and
will be evaluating the possibility of smaller events, meetings, and
practices for June in mid-May. We want to thank the Barons and Seneschals
and Kingdom Reeve for their continued patience and support.

-With Crown Tourney postponed to an uncertain future date, Coronation must
be as well. We hope to have heirs as soon as we can safely do so, and to
give them at least a month to enjoy being heirs and to organize for their
own reign and the continued betterment of all Calontir.

-All of these postponements lead to the necessity of seeking a variance for
the extension of our own reign. We had hoped to avoid this deviation from
tradition, but it has been made unavoidable by the current circumstances.
We will be working to find the best possible solutions for finding our
heirs to follow us in maintaining Calontir and hope that We have your
patience and understanding while We do so.

The following are some additional notes based on your questions and

-Please do keep the business of the SCA as active as you can – planning
events, seeing to the local books, and reports. We do not know what the
future time tables will be for events, and we understand that some details
may be hard to pin down with not all businesses and site locations open,
but if we are not planning for upcoming events now, there will be nothing
to attend when the time comes and we are able to be together again.

-We do not have any plans for Virtual Courts. Those that have happened in
other Kingdoms have mostly been due to the necessity of having heirs step
up. The business we have outstanding, elevations specifically deserve more
than an electronic thank you.

-Many had kind words for us on the reign so far and we wanted to
acknowledge our entire royal household, and specifically Mistress Jorunn
and Mistress Gabby for the incredible amount of effort that they have put
in behind the scenes keeping us organized and making us look good.
Similarly, Mistress Rochwen has been instrumental in organizing and
creating the beautiful scrolls for awards that we have given and many that
we have yet to give. They all deserve more thanks than we can possibly

These times are difficult for everyone. We know that you feel strained,
patience is tried, tempers are short, and fear whispers to you. We know
what to do and we know how to do it, but to stare unwavering at uncertainty
is eventually bound to shake even the most dauntless.

Pick your friends and siblings up. Help them stand strong so that they may
do so for you in turn. Hold Fast Calontir.

Until death take Us, The world end, or Our rightful heir take this burden
from Us.

Lucian and Tamar

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