I had previously advertised a Blank Borders competition, and with the suspension of SCA events I had extended the deadline until May 2nd. As Their Majesties have now suspended events through the end of May, I will be extending the deadline one more time.

It currently looks like most of the states in Calontir will be lifting their Stay-At-Home orders prior to the end of May, which would enable a trip to the post office. I will be extending the deadline once more, until May 30th. All entries must be received by the end of that day. As there will be no more events before then, please email me to arrange the submission of entries.
Entries will be scanned and placed online for voting. Voting will run from June 1 through June 7th. If Lilies happens, I will pass along the blank borders to the Royal Scribe at that time. If Lilies does not happen, I will arrange some other means of handing them over to the Royal Scribe, but I do not at this time plan to extend the deadline again.

See https://listserv.unl.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind2001&L=CALONTIR&P=9685 for the rules.
Thank you to those who have already turned in entries, and those who plan to enter.

In Service,


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