Greetings, GNSI! The Journal Team is looking for additional editors to 
help with developing and managing content, managing the Journal schedule 
and records, and social media distribution duties. We all have our day 
jobs, so having additional team members will help share the 
responsibility of producing our Journal.

All of these positions are opportunities to increase your visibility in 
GNSI and expand your skill set and your CV. Editors will receive a 
shared, small (/very/ small) token stipend per issue; but please 
consider these basically volunteer positions. The whole Journal crew 
will provide on-the-job training and help out as needed; we are a lively 
group and collaborate regularly on Basecamp, our online project 
management site, about All Things Journal, and we pitch in any time 
other team members need an opinion or a hand. We look forward to 
welcoming qualified and enthusiastic candidates to our group!

Candidates will be detail-oriented, thorough, and have good 
communication skills; a reasonably reliable internet connection is a must.

*Our New Production Editor will: *

·Work closely with the current Production Editor and share duties as needed

oCreate and maintain article and production schedules

oCreate and maintain Basecamp files and folders and To-Do lists

oArchive and backup articles and maintain article index

oHelp with proofreading as needed.

oSubmit RFPs (per issue stipend payment requests) to the GNSI Treasurer

*Our new Content Editor will:*

·Help develop article ideas and contact potential authors

·Manage initial development of article ideas with authors, mostly via email

oLook over initial drafts and make suggestions as needed

oGood editing and writing skills are essential

·Work with the Production and Layout Editors closely

·Assume some Production/Layout Editor duties, when able and as needed.

o*BONUS SKILLSET, /not/ required but handy*(would function as backup to 
the current Layout Editors): layout skills, specifically InDesign.

*Our new Social Media Editor will:*

·Generate eye-catching social media posts for each article and release 
them regularly

·Select images from an article and convert them to the ideal dimensions 
for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

oWork with the author(s) and Production Editor to obtain permissions and 
copyright issues for online publication

·Write engaging, relevant, and positive social media posts to promote 
the Journal and request article and sketchbook submissions

·*BONUS SKILLSET, /not/ required but handy *(would function as backup to 
the current Technical Editor):

oPrepare the Journal for posting online

oWork with the GNSI webmaster to post a PDF of each issue

oWork with the Journal Team to select open-source articles

§Prep the content (text and images) so the articles display correctly on 
a web page.

Email (OFF LIST ONLY PLEASE!) your interest and background info. to 
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Thank you!

Gail Guth

Senior Consulting Editor, Temporary Content Editor

GNSI Journal

Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
139 Lathrop Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
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