Hi Everyone
I'm trying to do some very simple drawings with the brush tool in
Illustrator. At first, the wacom pen worked fine. Then it stopped working
in the middle of a drawing. Craziest part, I can still see the pen drawing
in the tiny preview on the  layer window. I shut down illustrator and
unplugged the Wacom, and restarted. It worked fine. Then, shifted from
black line to white. Then it stopped working again. I restarted. It briefly
worked. Then stopped.
Arggg! I've tried finding solutions online, but they focus on the brush
definition (I do have one, not "Basic"). The layer is unlocked, and I'm on
the correct layer. I do have a stroke width selected.
Thanks so much!

Jennifer Landin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Teaching
Department of Biological Sciences
116 David Clark Labs
NC State University
Box 7617, Raleigh NC 27695
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