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Hope you're outside (where possible) enjoying a lovely Sunday that 
includes some entomological pursuit of some sort.
On that note, please consider

RE: Your Part In a Pursuit of a Worldwide Collection Catalogue

Right now (through April 27th) you have a unique opportunity /_*to add 
the most critical voice to an online consultation*_/ about
Advancing the Catalogue of the World’s Natural History Collections. This 
community inherently recognizes the value of collections and you 
collectively have so many insights about potential for them as well.

Please start here: 

A few example questions (there are more!) that need your experience and 

  * Would the collections community benefit from a comprehensive
    directory of all natural history collections?
  * Who would make use of such a directory?
  * Can publishing a collection record to a catalogue assist collections
    in moving towards full digitisation?
  * What incentives or support do collections need to make this a
    worthwhile step?
  * Would more accurate estimates of the scale and value of collections
    be useful?
  * How might these be used and by whom?
  * What do these communities require to be able to carry out their work
    efficiently and support their collections?
  * What is the definition for our purposes (minimal and sufficient
    criteria) of a natural history collection?
  * How do collections relate to and differ from institutions?
  * How do collections relate to and differ from datasets?
  * How do collections relate to and differ from collecting events (e.g.

Please share this call with your colleagues too so that input can truly 
be worldwide and cross-discipline.

We're very much looking forward to talking with you in the forum (at 
GBIF) where the questions are posted. We are waiting for you.

In anticipation, from Deb, on behalf of the consultation team:
Donald Hobern, Alex Asase, Quentin Groom, Maofang Luo, Deborah Paul, Tim 
Robertson, Patrick Semal, Barbara Thiers, Matt Woodburn, Eliza Zschuschen

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-- Deborah Paul, iDigBio Digitization and Workforce Development Manager
iDigBio -- Steering Committee Member
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ICEDIG External Advisory Board Member 
Vice Chair, Biodiversity Information Standards Organisation (TDWG)(2019-2021)
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Institute for Digital Information, 234 LSB
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