Good stuff! My favorite creation is:

a horde of Mormon crickets ( If you haven't had the pleasure of encountering a horde of these mini-beasts it's quite incredible! I highly recommend it!

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Check out my wife's neat Etsy store where you can buy all sorts of neat vinyl decals, especially cool insect ones:

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Over the years, I put a few thoughts on paper to describe groups of the naucorid bugs that I work on:

A splendor of naucorids
A terror of naucorids
A cataclysm of naucorids
A anhilation of naucorids
A nirvana of naucorids
A jihad of naucorids 
A hurt of naucorids
A nemesis of naucorids

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I will add a few to this fun new list...

An infiltration of lice
A squadron of bombardier beetles
A madness of no-see-ums
A menace of hornets (this has special meaning given that I live in the area where Asian Giant Hornet has recently become established)


Merrill A. Peterson
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Crows have the best. We need to come up with some more metal ones for insects. Maybe…
A larceny of flies.
An embezzlement of stinkbugs.
An unlawful gathering of springtails.



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Just realized Wikipedia (of course) has a list of collective nouns:
The bird ones go back centuries, but the names for insect groups are clearly not formalized. "I think people make these up for fun." is probably the right way to describe these terms!

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Yeah, like a plague of locusts, or an infestation of entomologists.

I think people make these up for fun.


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Anyone have a reputable source for terms that refer to groups of insects? lists these terms to refer to certain groups, but I'm ... skeptical:

loveliness of ladybugs
army of caterpillars
kaleidoscope of butterflies
intrusion of cockroaches
scourge of mosquitoes
business of flies
swarm of ants
clutter of spider
eclipse of moths

Mainly because their definitions of those words (loveliness, kaleidoscope, etc.) don't mention the putative entomological use.
Thankful for any help!


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