Dear Diane,

You guys are rockin'!  I just got my Cather Newsletter, forwarded from where I normally live in Colorado to where I'm quarantined in southern New Mexico with a friend. I saw the spring conference offerings. Yes, amazing what y'all have put together in so short a time.

'20s cocktails, I'm in! 

Christie Smith

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Subject: [5BANKSTREET] 2020 Spring Conference

Registration for the spring conference, "Un/Tethered: Cather on the Cusp of the 1920s," is up and running on the website! Elaine Smith and I, as conference co-directors, are excited about the events that will launch online June 4-6. Our promised speakers, exhibitions, and performances are in place. Foundation staff have done an extraordinary job, in very short order, of converting our traditional conference to a virtual experience. Thanks to their hard work, the Willa Cather Spring Conference will go forward at a time when many major literature conferences have had to be canceled. 

Please register at, as usual. You'll find a prompt to download WHOVA, the (free) event management app that will carry our conference online. You'll want to take some time to explore its versatility--you'll be able to design a schedule of the events you plan to attend, post a profile of yourself as an attendee, and more. The virtual conference will be a combination of recorded and interactive events, many of which will be archived for future reference. You can even join a virtual cocktail party fundraiser--recipes for 1920-style cocktails and appetizers to follow! 
We look forward to celebrating with you "Cather at the cusp of the '20s" and the publication of Youth and the Bright Medusa

We urge you to "bring" a friend and share news of the conference far and wide. 

Diane Prenatt & Elaine Smith
2020 Willa Cather Spring Conference Co-Directors
Diane Prenatt, Ph.D.
Professor of English Emerita
Marian University
Indianapolis IN  46222