As Cather scholars, we need to translate her vision to this generation.  How she explored the deepest horror of human experience in an apparently clear prose.  
We need it now.  

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Did I misread, or does he say that Cather eschewed irony? Well, surface irony, conspicuous irony, yeah, but irony such as immersing us in Professor St. Peter's pov, as Sherrill points out, is a different matter. I, too, find much to disagree with in this grouchy piece. With Guy, about 90 per cent. And btw, I can get pretty excited about a new McEwan novel.

Janis Stout

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In the character of St. Peter, Cather would agree with this writer's lament. Like Guy, though, I find it disagreeable.
Interesting to look through Commentary, though, which is not my usual reading matter--.  Thanks, John.

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Good to see Cather praised so highly. Dodgy article, mind you. I disagree with about 90% of it.

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    Cather receives high praise in this article:

    John Flannigan