Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing as well as possible!

I would like to find a happy home for a set of Russian (Cyrillic) music history volumes from my personal library, and I hope someone on this list may be interested. 

Unfortunately, volume 4:1 (of 2) is missing from this copy, which was previously discarded from a library (the volumes are clean, but do bear remnants of former spine labelling).

Kindly respond to me privately off-list if you are interested!

best wishes to all,
~Temmo Korisheli
Santa Barbara, CA
korishel -at- library.ucsb.edu

Istorii͡a russkoĭ sovetskoĭ muzyki.
Institut istorii iskusstv (Moscow, Russia) / A. D Alekseev.
Moskva : Gos. muzykalʹnoe izd-vo, 1959-63.

PLEASE NOTE: As published, this set consists of 4 volumes in 5 (vols. 1-3, 4:1-2. The copy in hand is incomplete: vol. 4:1 is missing. 

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