The interdisciplinary journal Transposition – Musique et sciences sociales
(open access articles in French and English) is launching a general call
for articles for its new "Varia" section, which will be always open to new

For the purpose of publication, articles addressed to transpositionvaria
-at- must respect our editorial guidelines ( ), and will be
anonymously evaluated by two members of the editorial board as well as an
expert from the relevant field of study – musical objects and topics at the
intersection of the humanities and social sciences.

Like many other journals mobilized since this winter, Transposition
dedicated a special issue to the joint editorial of Journals in Struggle:
"Sciences in Danger, Journals in Struggle" ( ) as the social movement
was entering a new phase in the academic world. Since then, our lives, our
work and our struggles have had to deal with the international crisis
triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, which promises to greatly exacerbate
social inequalities, and to continue to weaken and kill the most
vulnerable; a crisis of globalized capitalism, responsible for its causes,
and calling us more than ever to amplify our struggles.

This is why our new “Varia” section is particularly willing to publish
scientific articles articulating music in the intersection of social
movements and political struggles. We are pleased to inaugurate it with the
republication of an article (in french language) published in 1984 by the
ethnologist Noelle Gérôme: "The Sound Chronicle of a Strike by the
Strikers: December 1966 - February 1967 at the Avions Marcel Dassault
Revised by the author, this new version is accompanied by the precious
audio document she comments on: an off-trade vinyl record commemorating
this strike, which mainly features, for most of its duration, recordings by
the workers themselves of their songs, sound manifestations, and speeches.


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