The Analysis of World Music Interest Group and Global Interculturalism and
Musical Peripheries Interest group will co-host a symposium at AMS/SMT 2020
in Minneapolis entitled “Counterframing Music Theory: Minorities and
Marginalities.” Building on the momentum of the powerful papers on race and
ethnicity by Yayoi Uno Everett and Philip Ewell in the SMT 2019 Plenary
Session, this symposium seeks to envoice myriad scholars in various career
stages who were represented by the papers in that plenary, but who
themselves were not heard. “Counterframing Music Theory” will enrich and
amplify the message of the 2019 Plenary by giving space to music theories
and theorists of minoritized cultures, illuminating musical and social
paradigms that are otherwise obfuscated, overshadowed, or oppressed by what
Ewell has called music theory’s “white racial frame” and, following
Everett, by “counterframing” how music theory is currently practiced and
represented. Everett and Ewell will serve as respondents to the papers
presented at this session.

We are soliciting papers of fifteen minutes in length (with five additional
minutes for questions) which perform one or more of the following tasks:
• Explore the intersection between musical and cultural theories of
minoritized cultures
• Engage colonial and post-colonial, global, and/or critical race theory
• Examine strategies for expanding the range of musics attended to in North
American music theory
• Examine the problematics arising as music institutions abroad--which are
often centers of expertise in world musics--model their curricula on North
American music education and music theory
• Illuminate the experiences of individual minority theorists within our

Proposals are due on July 15, 2020 and should consist of an abstract of no
more than 200 words, as well as the presenter’s name, affiliation, and
technology needs. Abstracts should be sent as word documents and should not
contain self-identifying information. Please send proposals and/or
questions relating to this symposium to Anna Yu Wang (anna_wang -at- with the subject heading “Counterframing Music Theory


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