Like many other GNSI members, my teaching gig has moved to online instruction, and the school hopes to continue offering this option even if/when things return to "normal." So it's a format for teaching I'd like to work with. From the online classes I've observed, instructors utilize two cameras--the one on their monitor, as they speak to their students face on, or perhaps hold something up for viewing, and another of some sort that can show the demonstration of techniques, which is usually rigged with tripod or other device to shoot from above. As I'm teaching botanical painting and drawing, I need something that will show closeups with sharp detail--my "big" brush is a #3, and I am often using a #2 WN mini. So it's essential that whatever is being used here can zoom in closely and clearly, and feed into the Zoom program easily. 

According to my research so far, many people use a smart phone for this "camera". For various reasons that's not a good option for me. Others seem to use web cams or cameras, and reports seem to contradict one another on the efficacy of these. Web cams appear to work nicely for interfacing with Zoom, though it seems like there's some issue with whether one is using a Mac or a PC as to how well various brands work. Also I can't seem to get a consensus on which models would be up to the task of showing detailed work crisply and clearly enough. Others like to use cameras; again, no consensus on which types or models would work best for this task. 

The other issue is availability--it looks like most of the webcam options at least wouldn't arrive until mid-summer; since I won't be teaching until fall quarter, this would still work for me, but it does make it a little dicier, as I may not have the option of buying, trying, and returning a product that doesn't work well for my purposes with sufficient time to try another. So I'd like to be as sure as possible of what I'm ordering now. Any specific recommendations? 

Kathy McKeehen 

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