Logitech930 has always been my suggestion for a web cam, as it seems to be well regarded. But recently I saw an ad piece of software that seems to blow that assumption up. It takes a phone camera image and converts it to a USB signal that can be utilized in live streaming. The resolution appears to be noticeably sharper that the Logitech camera.  The software is design to provide input for the OBS opensource live streaming app, so I don’t know it the signal is tied to the software or just makes it available to any software as another computer cam. If I had to guess it is the latter. Check it out: https://obs.camera


For just $15 it might be worth a flyer.  I don’t have any suggestions for a different traditional web cam that I KNOW to be better than the Logitech, though I am sure there must be something out there. The only thing that has grabbed my attention lately are some little webcams by ELP with physical Zoom Lenses attached to the front.



There are several models, each about $75. Some have more pixels for resolution, some have fewer but with better low light capability.  I have no idea how good they are or how distortion free the lenses might be. But it might be worth a look. Definitely read the user reviews.





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