I suggest contacting Carim Nahaboo and Yikai Zhang if you want high-end first class illustrations - they're both really talented, nice guys, and friends not rivals

Their details are probably on their website but I can put you in contact if you need


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Carim Nahaboo< >
Original Artwork, Design & Illustration by Carim Nahaboo 
Jungle Gems: A Naturalist&#39;s Tale: Yikai Zhang: 9781783527922: Books< >
Buy Jungle Gems: A Naturalist&#39;s Tale by Yikai Zhang (ISBN: 9781783527922) from Amazon&#39;s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. 

Maxwell V. L. Barclay
Senior Curator in Charge
Insects: Coleoptera
Department of Life Sciences
Natural History Museum
London SW7 5BD
T: 0207 942 5911
M: 07766331806
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Subject: Scientific illustrators?

Recommend scientific illustrators!