Bob, I have data on which collections I borrowed from (50 institutions) and which pinned specimens retained quality DNA (Sanger) after 15 years. There is definitely a correlation between hot/humid states and the quality of DNA. This may be a good point to argue. Good luck. Karen


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Dear ECN friends,


I need a little help.  Two old buildings that house members of our Plant Sciences Division are slated to be razed later this year and our dean, in his infinite wisdom as a former food scientist, is leaning toward moving the Enns Entomology Museum and our 7 million specimens out of the Agriculture Building to elsewhere on campus so that there will be space for the displaced faculty and labs to move in.  Elsewhere has not been identified yet, so it's not too late.  We are making the case that temperature and humidity for the collection must be maintained within certain values.  So, in trying to steer him into leaving us where we are, I need the tightest window of acceptable temperature and humidity that I can document and justify.  Please help me with that.  If it's too expensive to make another location acceptable, we have a chance to be left alone. 


Any other approaches to justify not moving the collection that the dean might find compelling would also be most appreciated. 





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