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Stephanie Kelton’s volume is a triumph. It is absorbing, compelling, and–most important of all–empowering. Embracing a well-researched framework that focuses on how real-world economies actually operate, she lays out a realistic path to true economic prosperity. It is an approach that focuses on Main Street and not Wall Street and will permit us to not only revitalize the struggling middle class, but address critical social problems like chronic unemployment, poverty, health care, and climate change. We of course face many binding constraints on our ability to act, but Kelton argues that the intentional underemployment of our own resources that results from the pervasive influence of deficit hawks should not be one. We have needed this book for a very long time. Everyone should read it, and then reread it, before it is too late to change course.

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Stephanie Kelton's, The Deficit Myth is now available for purchase. (See attached) As MMT has been long-contested, and long-supported within AFEE, this is an opportunity to read an account that deals with most, possibly all, of the main criticisms. I'd suggest that members pick up a copy--while they last; it's currently #1 on Amazon--and have a good read. John Harvey agrees. 


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Levy Economics Institute of Bard College