Dear colleagues,

“IMS Musicological Brainfood 4, no. 1,” our video platform, has grown. Daniel K. L. Chua has added another video, “Celebrating Beethoven’s 250th Birthday in the Time of COVID-19,” and both of his videos now have subtitles in English as well as in Chinese.

As part of our invitation for more videos on the subject we are also delighted to have included Nigel Neetheim’s “Schubert’s Lullaby in the Presence of Death.”

So, if you are home alone with some time to spare, why not click the link and watch our “Music in a Time of COVID-19” videos:

And if you are inspired by these videos, why not make your own “musicological musings” in any language on the same question: What music can meaningfully speak to us in this time of COVID-19? Send the video link, together with a short introduction text and your CV, to brainfood -at-, and (with appropriate peer review) we will share with the global musicological community.

Stay healthy,
The IMS Team

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