This position is to supervise botanists, malacologists and mycologists responsible for identification of pests and pathogens intercepted at US ports of entry. Please share with any colleagues you know of who may be considering a career change.  PhD and subject matter expertise in plant pathology are desirable.


Andy Brower


New Vacancy Announcement

PPQ/PHP/National Identification Staff (NIS)



Supervisory Agriculturist (Assistant Director)



Open: Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Close: Wednesday, June 9, 2020


Location: Riverdale, MD


*      The duties may include, but are not limited to:

*      Serves as a resource to Agency program staff officers in pest identification issues and provides leadership, technical guidance, and technical supervision

*      Manages PHP's seven national identification laboratories, which are staffed by scientists who report directly to the Assistant Director

*      Coordinates taxonomic services with appropriate USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) laboratories, other agencies, academic institutions, biological museums, and other pertinent institutions

*      Provides leadership in developing and maintaining close personal contacts with research workers throughout the U.S. and other countries

*      Recommends sponsored research on foreign plant pests to develop detection and identification techniques that will help PPQ prevent the entry of threatening pests

*      Provides leadership in developing guidelines, and provides input into the evaluation and selection of applicants to fill PPQ Identifier vacancies

*      Develops policy, procedures, guidelines, and standards to monitor pest identification effectiveness throughout the PPQ Identification function

*      Develops policy, procedures, guidelines, and standards for monitoring pest interceptions in order to alert the appropriate officials of a possible need to change the entry status of certain commodities

*      Establishes policy and procedures regarding the rearing of frequently intercepted pests which cannot be identified in the intercepted life stage




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