The Society for Seventeenth Century Music invites proposals for its annual
meeting, April 15-18, 2021 in Eugene, Oregon, hosted by the University of
Oregon. Proposals on all aspects of seventeenth-century music and its
cultural contexts are welcome. Especially appreciated would be topics
engaging the rich diversity of the long seventeenth century; its complex
history of exploration, colonialism, and enslavement; and/or its
lesser-heard voices, which might include the native peoples of the
Willamette Valley, the Kalapuya. Presentations may take a variety of
formats: individual papers (20 minutes), lecture-recitals (45 minutes),
workshops, round-table discussions, and panel sessions.

Anyone may submit a proposal, but all presenters will need to be members in
good standing of the Society. A presenter cannot give an individual paper
at two consecutive meetings, nor make more than one presentation at a
single meeting. For individual papers, abstracts not exceeding 350 words
should clearly represent the title, subject, and argument, and indicate the
significance of the findings. Please specify audio-visual needs. Proposals
for presentations in other formats should be of similar length. They should
clearly justify the intended format and should indicate the originality and
significance of the material to be delivered. Proposals for
lecture-recitals must also include short biographies as well as recordings
(.mp3 format or links to a website) of the proposed performer(s) playing
the exact or similar repertory.

All proposals, formatted as PDF files, should be sent by email attachment
to the Program Committee at stacey.jocoy -at- with the header
“Name_SSCM Proposal.” Two versions of the proposal PDF should be attached,
one with only the title and abstract, and another with the author’s name,
address, telephone number, email address, and institutional affiliation or
city. This information should also be pasted into the body of the email in
case of transmission problems. The deadline for submission of all proposals
(and supporting materials, if needed) is midnight (EDT) October 1, 2020.

The Irene Alm Memorial Prize will be awarded for the best scholarly
presentation given by a graduate student. Students should identify
themselves as such on the non-anonymous PDF copy of the abstract.

Program Committee: Stacey Jocoy (chair), Ireri Chávez-Bárcenas, Erika
Honisch, and Rose Pruiksma


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