Interrogating sources: Prokofiev, words and music 

CFP deadline: August 31, 2020
Conference dates: December 11–12, 2020
Location: Metz, France

Prokofiev scholarship underwent a significant transformation in 2013
primarily through the consolidation of archival materials hosted at the
Serge Prokofiev Archive at Columbia University. A first symposium to
recognise this important moment was organized at Columbia University in
April 2017. A partnership between Columbia and the University of Lorraine
was instigated with a view to further developing and exploring these
research materials and scholarship trends. Following on from a recent
series of landmark publications on Prokofiev and his music (notably
Morrison, Seinen, Asaro, Guillaumier, McAllister), this colloquium aims to
continue its interrogation of primary sources and personal documents.

Prokofiev travelled extensively, lived in several countries, explored
several continents, and interacted with an incredible number of his
contemporaries – musicians, writers, chess players, publishers, poets,
painters, journalists – the list is a long one. Prokofiev, himself very
inspired by literature, left several autobiographical works but also little
studied stories and short stories. Due to the unique nature of his
geographical and artistic background, the question of the multiplicity of
cultural, political and artistic contexts over which he may have had an
influence or been influenced by, is particularly relevant since it has left
a trace on the sources that have come to us today. The multiplicity of
genres that Prokofiev worked with throughout his career, from chamber music
to film music, from concert pieces to children’s stories, from operas to
incidental music, from ballet to Romances, has generated an incredible
number of diverse sources, preserved in multiple places. This symposium is
intended to provide an interdisciplinary opportunity to deepen current
research into these sources and to stimulate new perspectives.


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