I believe it would be the most prudent choice all around to cancel this year, as much as i dont want that to be the case. New cases of COVID are on the rise and ar just a month out it i dont think it is safe for that large a gathering. If it we're to take place, being the first time in months for friends to visit i would not count on maintaining any kind of social distancing, and realistically our populace has no shortage of high risk members. 

Additionally, I would expect a smaller than average turn out, which makes me concerned about our baronial budget. And I would honestly be surprised if the crown didn't shut down through August anyway. 

All around i think it is in the kingdom and baronys best interest to hold off and do better next year.


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Unto the populace of Mag Mor, greetings and a request:

At the Wednesday Zoom meeting a question was discussed - should Cattle Raids be canceled this year?

Because relatively few of you attend the Zoom meetings, Their Excellencies and I are asking for your input via email or Facebook. 

Please share your thoughts and feelings as soon as possible -- ideally before the meeting on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Thank you!



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