As on the book of face, and the zoom meeting, Dianaim and I would feel much better if Cattle Raids was cancelled.  We want you all to be safe.

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 1:38 PM Lori Straatmann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Unto the Populace of Mag Mor comes greetings and opinions from the Dread Baroness of the West (tm), Vasilla Krasnaia. 

While I have been unable to attend Cattle Raids the last couple of years due to modern obligations, I would like to put my "vote" in on the matter of hosting such this year.  I believe it would be unconscionable to hold an event until such time as the CDC has given a green light for these types of gatherings.  The trajectory of COVID cases indicates that this will not happen anytime soon.  And, I anticipate a spike in Lincoln about the time Cattle Raids would be held due to the return of college students to UNL. 

As a side note, an August event at Ravensborg Long Fort has already been cancelled and there are no cases of COVID in that county as of yet.  We don't want to invite the virus to that area by bringing folks from infected counties into the community.

In order to honor and cherish our beloved SCA friends and family, let's do the right thing and cancel this year's Cattle Raids.  

Wear masks, keep your distance, and wash your hands, my friends!!  We will be together again in time.  For now, we must practice patience.

In humble service,

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Unto the populace of Mag Mor, greetings and a request:

At the Wednesday Zoom meeting a question was discussed - should Cattle Raids be canceled this year?

Because relatively few of you attend the Zoom meetings, Their Excellencies and I are asking for your input via email or Facebook. 

Please share your thoughts and feelings as soon as possible -- ideally before the meeting on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Thank you!



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