This is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing, Shauna. I feel it’s our virtual gatherings (especially with local chapters) that will help us get through these trying times.







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Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 12:58 PM
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Subject: [SCIART] Florida Group Now Forming


Hello from sunny Southwest Sarasota, Florida!


We're thrilled to announce the official formation of the new Florida Group. You'll now find us listed on the GNSI Chapter map, and our Facebook page at


We hope to announce our new Instagram page shortly. I've listed below our initial foundational members (names are still coming in) and truly hope you'll join with us by emailing me at [log in to unmask].


We look forward to supporting group members with resources, opportunities, and more and very much look forward to learning more about all of you during the Virtual Convention in August. Our doors are always open, please feel free to add any questions or thoughts.


Jeanette Lee Atkinson (GNSI) Naples

Matthew Croxton (GNSI) Lakeland

Charon Henning (GNSI) Location Mobile

Josh Quick (GNSI) Jupiter

Mindy Lighthipe

Carolyn Martel (AMI) Grant

Catherine Vallance (AMI) Indian Harbor Beach

Shauna Lee Lange (GNSI) Venice


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