It is with tremendous enthusiasm that we announce the establishment of The
International Foundation for the Theory and Analysis of World Musics. The
Foundation will be a research unit within The Barry S. Brook Center for
Music Research and Documentation, housed at the City University of New York
Graduate Center along with RILM and other prominent research centers and

The mission of our new Foundation is to foster a global network of
specialized research organizations devoted to specific musical cultures,
genres, and/or theoretical-analytical approaches. The Foundation also aims
to facilitate the formation, expansion, and development of specialized
research units which would otherwise be unable to sustain an independent,
autonomous existence on their own. This community of like-minded interest
groups will serve both as a hub for collaborative events such as
conferences and symposia, and as a resource for member units in developing
their own research initiatives.

The core of the Foundation consists of the journal Analytical Approaches to
World Music (, the conference series of the same name (, and the forthcoming Routledge book series New
Directions in World Music Analysis. One important benefit of the Foundation
will be to assure the long-term continuation of the AAWM journal and
conference series through its affiliation with CUNY and The Brook Center.
In addition to these core elements, the Foundation currently has 15
research units in various stages of formation (see list below). We invite
and encourage existing scholarly organizations to join us. For information
regarding the application and approval process for establishing new
research units within the Foundation kindly contact the members of the
executive board listed below at foundationworldmusicsanalysis -at-

Advantages of membership include nonprofit status, opportunities for joint
activities, and an international network of potential resources to advance
the research goals of member units. In contrast to a traditional academic
society with hierarchical leadership, the Foundation will utilize a shared
governance structure in which each member unit is represented by its own
delegate. Our objective is to form a global alliance dedicated to the
promotion and dissemination of world music theoretical and analytical
research. We welcome your participation.

Lawrence Shuster, Director
Noe Dinnerstein , Patty Howland (Sec)


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