In November 2020, James (Jim) Ladewig will be retiring after twenty years of distinguished service as the Treasurer of the American Musicological Society. In preparation, the Society is calling for volunteers and nominations for candidates to succeed Jim and serve as the next Treasurer of the AMS. 

Duties & Responsibilities

The Treasurer is an officer of the Society, appointed by the Board of Directors. The next appointee to the role of Treasurer will be expected to attend the November 2020 meeting of the Board of Directors, and duties as Treasurer will commence at the end of that meeting.

The main responsibilities and tasks entrusted to the Treasurer include:
  1. overseeing the long-term financial planning of the AMS so as to ensure the realization of the Society’s long-term goals;
  2. serving as chair of the Finance Committee and reporting the activities of the Finance Committee to the Board;
  3. although the operating budget and the annual audit are primarily the responsibility of the Executive Director, the Treasurer shall collaborate as needed with the E.D. on their preparation and their presentation to the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors;
  4. overseeing the investment of the Society’s endowment and serving as liaison to external financial advisory firm(s) and/or individual financial advisor(s) selected by the Board;
  5. the care and custody of all the funds and securities of the Society;
  6. making recommendations to the Board of Directors, in consultation with the Executive Director, regarding appropriate spending levels of the Society's endowment funds;
  7. reporting to the Board of Directors semi-annually regarding the performance of the investments within the endowment portfolio;
  8. reporting to the Society as a whole at the annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation and in appropriate publications of the Society regarding the financial health of the Society and the growth of its endowment funds;
  9. serving as ex officio member of the Development Committee;
  10. and other duties related to the financial affairs of the Society, as needed.
Desirable experience includes knowledge of the principles of investing; familiarity with nonprofit finance and portfolio management or similar finance and portfolio management; and conversance with fund accounting.

For further information on the position and duties of the Treasurer, see the Society’s By-Laws (Articles V.A.5, VI.E.1, and VII.B.3); and the Society’s Administrative Handbook (I.A.3, II.B.1.2, and II.C.3.5).

Application/nomination deadline: Open until filled.

How to volunteer/nominate: To nominate yourself or someone else for this position, please send an email to ams -at- providing the following information:
  1. Candidate Name
  2. Candidate Email
  3. Candidate Title (optional)
  4. Candidate Institution (optional)
  5. Qualifications / Rationale
  6. Is this a self-nomination? (Yes or No)

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