The 20th International Conference of Association RIdIM "Visualizing the Unseen: Music in Visual Culture" has been moved to July 22-24, 2021, due to the COVID19 pandemic. The 2nd call for papers is open for paper proposals not submitted with 1st CFP. 

We invite proposals from researchers in the humanities and the social and cultural sciences to engage with the topic of visual culture, music iconography and music iconology.

It is a common topos that Music is described as the art of the unseen. The focus of this conference is on the different and diverse models that, since the known beginnings of reflection about music, have been used to understand, illustrate and explain the power of music to influence human existence. Often allocated to a transcendental place, beyond the visual, many of these models adhere in their mode of construction, or in descriptions of their impact, to imagery – be it myths such as that of Apollo and Marsyas, or Orpheus, the 12th-century Sanskrit Hindu poem Gitagovinda illustrated by Manaku and Nainsukh of Guler in the 18th century, cosmic constructions or landscapes that relate the “real” and visible with the “transcendental” and unseen. The conference will delve into materialisations of these models that theorise music and their visualisations in different media.

Original research including, but not limited to, the following topics is welcome:

- the iconological and iconographical dimensions of the subject in still and moving visual representations
- the relation of text, image and sound in the constructions of the models of transcendence
- the philosophical, anthropological, historical, sociological, religious, gender, colonial and spatial dimensions of the subject
- visual narratives and agendas related to the subject
- the correlations of the subject to music theory, music aesthetics, music education, organology and practices of music
- case studies of specific visual representations of the unseen in music culture

The conference language (abstracts, programme book and presentations) will be English.

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