The Society for Christian Scholarship in Music is inviting the submission
of abstracts for essays to be included in an edited scholarly volume titled
Sacred Contexts in Secular Music of the Long Nineteenth Century. Whereas
tropes of cross-fertilization of the sacred and the secular are evident in
a variety of repertories and genres from the western art tradition, and
have been the focus of specialized studies, this volume aims to address
instances where religious contexts (of diverse traditions) have influenced
secular compositions of the long nineteenth century. Religious features may
not be limited to those of Christian traditions only or of sacred music per
se; in fact, studies that emphasize the inclusion of or allusion to
non-Christian religious elements in secular music are particularly welcome.
This project provides timely musical and ideological intersections by
engaging with genres, narratives, religions, and ideologies that have
traditionally been left out of similar studies of western art music.

The editors, Markus Rathey (Yale) and Effie Papanikolaou (Bowling Green
State University), invite submissions that use a variety of methodologies
and approaches (historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory,
theology, etc., as well as cross-disciplinary perspectives).

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
Religion, music and literature
Religious language in music theory and aesthetics
Music criticism
The concert hall as sacred space
Absolute music as metaphysical construct
Sacred contexts/references/borrowings/allusions in non-sacred compositions
Musical borrowings from non-Christian traditions (Jewish, Eastern, other)
Non-Christian traditions and problems of exoticism and cultural
The chorale in secular music
Intersections of genre and the sacred
Religion and devotion on the operatic stage
The sacred body: ballet and the sacred
The sacred in the domestic sphere: art song, piano music, etc.
Ritualistic elements and the performative
The sacred roots of theater and music
Inter- and intracultural aspects of the sacred
Religion and nation
Religion and folk music

Please submit an abstract no longer than 350 words to scsm.collection2021
-at- by 15 October 2020. Contributors will be notified by 30
November 2020. Essays of around 7,000 words will be due 1 April 2021, with
an expected publication date of Fall 2021.


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