Clemson is changing how they deal with their publications (a guy is retiring and another group is taking over). They are currently looking to sell and/or trash as much as they can.

Right now the cost of each of the Biota of South Carolina series is half price! I was assured these will NOT be recycled. (But there is no way to know how long that policy will stand.)

Each book provides keys to the species level for all the taxa known or suspected to occur in South Carolina:

1. Ground Beetles and Wrinkled Bark Beetles
2. Scarab Beetles
3. Water Beetles
4. Leaf and Seed Beetles
6. Weevils
7. Buprestidae
8. Tenebrionoidea
9. Larvae of the Southeastern USA Mayfly, Stonefly, and Caddisfly Species (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera)

The problem is, with the guy in charge of shipping retiring in the next few days, any orders now will probably be delayed. Sorry, but I just found out today.

Anyway, grab them while you can.



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