Dear Colleagues,

This year, the SEM Orchestra is organizing a series of virtual performances
for the SEM 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting (October 22-31, 2020), and would
like to invite members to perform. All instruments, levels, and styles are
welcome! Some pieces also welcome submissions of pre-recorded materials.

The SEM-O celebrates creative composition and performance as an integral
part of ethnomusicology and the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM). A
virtual conference provides a unique opportunity to engage remotely with
ethnomusicologists worldwide through musical collaboration. We have
provided a variety of options for contributors, both asynchronous and
synchronous, ranging from collage frameworks in which participants can
submit fieldwork samples and ambient sounds to more structured compositions
in which to perform. More information about these options can be accessed

While high-fidelity recordings using specialized equipment are welcome,
recordings can also be captured by more ubiquitous electronic devices with
video and audio capacity, such as a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

If you are interested in contributing, please visit our website ( or contact semorchestra -at- for more
details and information. You are welcome, and encouraged, to submit your
recordings at any time, but the final deadline for submissions is Thursday,
October 1.

The mixed virtual performances will be made available online for conference
attendees. We will also be holding a panel session during the meeting where
we will share excerpts of these performances, followed by a discussion on
the creation process, its social impact, and future possibilities.

We look forward to your submission!

Katelyn Best, Michael Frishkopf, and Scott Currie
Co-Directors: Scott Currie (scurrie -at-, Michael Frishkopf
(michaelf -at-, and Katelyn Best (katelynebest -at-

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