Rare Book School’s Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical
Bibliography (SoFCB) invites applications for its 2021–23 cohort of junior
fellows. The deadline is Monday, 2 November 2020.

Continuing the work of the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in Critical
Bibliography (2012–17), this scholarly society works to advance the study
of texts, images, and artifacts as material objects through capacious,
interdisciplinary scholarship—and to enrich humanistic inquiry and
education by identifying, mentoring, and training promising early-career
scholars. Junior Fellows will be encouraged and supported in integrating
the methods of critical bibliography into their teaching and research,
fostering collegial conversations about historical and emerging media
across disciplines and institutions, and sharing their knowledge with
broader publics.

The fellowship includes tuition waivers for two Rare Book School courses,
as well as funding for Junior Fellows to participate in the Society’s
annual meeting and orientation. Additional funds are available for fellows
to organize symposia at their home institutions, and fellows will have the
option of attending a bibliographical field school to visit libraries,
archives, and collections in a major metropolitan area. After completing
two years in good standing as Junior Fellows, program participants will
have the option to become Senior Fellows in the Society.

The Society is committed to supporting diversity and to advancing the
scholarship of outstanding persons of every race, gender, sexual
orientation, creed, and socioeconomic background, and to enhancing the
diversity of the professions and academic disciplines it represents,
including those of the professoriate, museums, libraries, archives, public
humanities, and digital humanities. We warmly encourage prospective
applicants from a wide range of disciplines, institutions, and areas of

For more information and to apply, please visit: 

For more information about diversity and the SoFCB, please visit the SoFCB
Diversity & Outreach Committee’s Welcome Letter: 

Inquiries about the SoFCB Junior Fellows Program can be directed to Sonia
Hazard, SoFCB Selection Committee Chair, at shazard -at-, or Donna
Sy, SoFCB Administrative Director, at rbs-mellon -at-


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