The 2021 annual meeting of the Southern Chapter of the American
Musicological Society will be held virtually via Zoom. The meeting will
take place Friday–Saturday, February 19–20, with the University of Alabama
serving as virtual host. Presenters will have the option of submitting
pre-recorded videos of their presentations or delivering their paper live.
The question and answer periods will be live and moderated.

To submit a proposal for the chapter meeting, send an abstract as an email
attachment in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx extension) to Abstracts
Editor Joe Gennaro (Joe.Gennaro -at- The abstracts editor will
remove the names from the proposals and submit them anonymously to the
program committee. Submissions must be received by Monday, November 16,
2020, 11:59 pm (EST). Abstracts should be double spaced and no longer than
350 words. Papers as read should not exceed 20 minutes.

In addition to soliciting individual presentations, the chapter invites
proposals for panel discussions and presentations in alternative formats,
such as lecture-recitals, film screenings, seminars, and pedagogical

All presenters must be members in good standing of both the AMS national
organization and the Southern Chapter. Once the Program Committee has
selected a preliminary list of presenters, the program chair will forward
the names to the national office to ensure membership is current before
sending out responses to those who have submitted proposals.

Please consider the following recommendations published by the national AMS

Abstracts should represent the talk as fully as possible. Successful
abstracts typically state the specific research findings, substantiate
them, and indicate their significance. Abstracts should make clear what is
already known and what is new in the proposal. The Program Committee
generally will fault abstracts that merely allude to findings or
conclusions (AMS Newsletter, Vol. 30, No. 2, August 2000, p. 13).

For more information, please visit 
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