We are excited to announce the second issue of American Music, Volume 38. This special issue devoted to "Platforms, Labor, and Community in Online Listening" was guest-edited by Kate Galloway, K. E. Goldschmitt, and Paula Harper.

American Music encourages proposals for special issues, forums, or unusual formats, including this special issue and other exciting examples already in the works. We invite our readers to view our submission guidelines online (https://www.press.uillinois.edu/journals/am/amsubmissions.html) or contact the editor, Todd Decker (tdecker -at- wustl.edu), with any questions about submitting to the journal.

American Music, Vol. 38, no.2 (Summer 2020)

Guest Editors’ Introduction: "Platforms, Labor, and Community in Online Listening"
Kate Galloway, K. E. Goldschmitt, and Paula Harper

"The Long History of the Spotify "Fake Music" Scandal"
K. E. Goldschmitt

"Fake Streams, Listening Bots, and Click Farms: Counterfeiting Attention in the Streaming Music Economy"
Eric Drott

"Chance the Rapper, Spotify, and Musical Categorization in the 2010s"
Tom Johnson

"Circulatory Maintenance: The Entailments of Participation in Digital Music Platforms"
Blake Durham

"Receiving, Remixing, Recuperating "Rebecca Black – Friday""
Paula Harper

"Musicking Fan Culture and Circulating the Materiality of Taylor Swift Musical Greeting Cards on YouTube"
Kate Galloway   


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