All: I wanted to call your attention to a documentary that should be seen by everyone who has had to study mainstream economics, or had to teach it. The film-maker is interested in feedback so if you watch it or show it to students and have comments, please send them to me and I'll pass along to her. It is going to be distributed, and some feedback would be good; I think it is going to be reviewed in Dollars&Sense too. She gave permission for me to send to you for viewing.

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L. Randall Wray
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A Great Leap Forward: Heterodox Economic Policy for the 21st Century; Randall Wray; Paperback ISBN: 9780128193808; Academic Press; Published Date: 22nd January 2020; 

Macroeconomics; Author(s): William Mitchell, L. Randall Wray, Martin Watts; Red Globe Press, Macmillan International; February 2019; .

Why Minsky Matters: An Introduction to the work of a maverick economist, Princeton University Press

Modern Money Theory: a primer on macroeconomics for sovereign monetary systems, Palgrave Macmillan 

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