Hello everyone.
I just got the loveliest email from Katherine Gyorfi, telling me that she found my latest book at her favorite bookstore by chance.
She mentioned that she hadn't noticed an announcement on the listserv, and I realized that was another thing that fell through the cracks this year.

After a couple of covid-related delays, my little book on "nature in your neighborhood" came out in August!
I hope it will get people outside, noticing and enjoying the plants and animals right outside their doors, even if that door is in a big city.
Over 90 species are illustrated and described, with fun facts and scientific information that's not TOO nerdy.

It's available wherever books are sold, including the adorable bookshop where I work- orders from the shop are signed and include a promotional postcard and a bookstore bookmark. 
[ ]< >
Fylling&#039;s Illustrated Guide to Nature in Your Neighborhood (Paperback) | Little City Books< >
In the same lighthearted yet scientifically accurate style of Fylling's Illustrated Guide to Pacific Coast Tide Pools, this portable guidebook reveals the splendidly strange animals and plants just outside your door. 
I am not very tech-savvy, but started an book-related Instagram page @marnifylling, and am having fun wrestling with that.

Hoping everyone is okay, despite everything going on.
Sending a big virtual hug from New Jersey to you!

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